Creative campaign illustration made for Mumbai JAM.
Mumbai JAM is a cultural food, art and music festival with a unique format and content, happening in Mumbai. It is an exploration of all the five senses!
Its a three day festival reminding people of their roots, with the kind of music they have grown up listening to and singing along.
This year, the emphasis is on Bollywood, Folk, Electronica and anything soulful, with a promising international line-up to follow in the next. Also, it features one of the most intense and gigantic food and flea market area. For activities, there are life-size board games and art installations. Artists can come exhibit work for people to Experience the old world charm in design.
For this grand event, we were tasked with creating a campaign illustration that can best summarize all of what Mumbai JAM stands for. The brief specifically stated to make only indirect correlations to art, food, and music, without making any direct connections to the festival itself.
Bearing that in mind we created a festive illustration depicting elements of Mumbai city, its life, transport, food and influence of bollywood. This illustration was the primary image of the festival, setting the tone and style of branding for future communications on hoardings, newspapers, and on digital and social media as well.
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